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Medical Students Perceptions towards Smart Devices and Their Relationship with Academic Performance

Author(s): Rasheed Khalid Barradah, Elsadig Yousif Mohamed*, Waqas Sami, Rakan Jaser Alsahly, Thamer Ahmed Alghannam, Mohammed Abdulrahman Alrawsaa, Abdullah Yahya Abumaghayed and Naif Zayed Almutairi


Background: Smart devices turned into a basic tool of medical students' academic life. Smart devices are utilized throughout the day for numerous reasons including learning, communication, productivity, entertainment, utilities, social networking and gaming. The objectives of the current study were to determine the use and perceptions of medical students at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia towards smart devices and its relationship with academic performance.

Methods: This was a cross-sectional study to determine the use and perceptions of medical students at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia towards smart devices. The total enumeration of all eligible students was considered in this study. Data were collected by a questionnaire. Analysis was performed by SPSS.

Results: All students (n=174, 100%) use smart devices and 37% use them more than 6 hours per day. 141 (81.0%) students preferred to study using smart devices. Most students utilize smartphones in studying lectures and preparing PBL/CDs 79.3% and 75.3% respectively. Eighty-seven (49.7%) have a good perception towards smart devices. Nine (47.4%) students with high academic performance study less than three hours/day with smart devices.

Conclusion: Most students at the College of Medicine, Majmaah University use smart devices, mostly for more than six hours every day. Studying lectures constitute the most use of smart devices. Most students have good perception towards smart devices. There is a significant relation between the number of hours spent on smart devices and academic performance.

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