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MENOPAUSAL MENACE amongst Post-Menopausal Rural Women of Central India

Author(s): Aarti Mishra*


Introduction: This study was done to evaluate the approach of rural women towards post menopausal symptoms to see that how much they get affected by menopause. We studied a few common symptoms like vasomotor sypmtoms, symptoms affecting bones and joints, depressive mood,urinary problems, sexual desire and vaginal dryness.

Material Method: A prospective cross sectional study carried out in AVBRH wardha over a period of 6 months. This Study includes 100 post menopausal women from rural background between the age group of 45-60 years. These women were studies on the basis of detailed history, examination and a questionnaire.

Results: Our study suggested that the average age of menopause in rural women is around 47.3 years, most of them are married and multigravida, had completed their primary education, among all the symptoms studied most of them complained of symptoms related to bones and joint.

Conclusion: Rural women attain menopause nearly around 47 years of age. Most of them do not appreciate menopausal symptoms or seek advice for the same. It may be because of lack of awareness or heavy physical activity which doesn’t give them sufficient time for themselves. Improper compliance by patients on recommended lifestyle changes and medication is another issue.

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