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Mental Status, Attitude, Awareness among Dental Students towards Covid Lockdown and Virtual Learning

Author(s): Jyosthna A*, Evan Clement, Dharmisha, Navaneetha Nambi, Xavier Dhayanandh and Pirathiba


Background: The enactment of lockdown and social distancing has been enforced as one of the preventive measures to minimize the spread of novel coronavirus. The strict isolation measures and delay in starting schools and colleges across the country is expected to influence the mental health of the students. Hence, the present study aims to assess the mental status of the dental students, attitude towards virtual learning and awareness towards COVID 19. Materials and methods: An online survey was conducted among dental students. The questionnaire was categorised under 4 topics and it consisted of total 28 questions. This study included a total of 5000 dental students aged 18-40 years. Results: 44.7 % were undergraduates and 55.3 % were postgraduates and 35.1% of dental students are from South India. 79.3% of undergraduates reported they feel isolated and depressed in this lockdown. 98.2% of postgraduates commented that virtual classes are efficient and interactive. 90.2% of postgraduates and 91.9% of undergraduates reported e- learning taking a serious toll on physical health. 88.5% of dental students showed sufficient awareness towards PPE and SOP. Results showed, both the undergraduate and postgraduate students feel E-learning is efficient but undergraduate students feel more recessed when comparing to the postgraduate students. Conclusion: The results also revealed that both the group students had a fair knowledge regarding the Standard operating procedures (SOP).Training in institutions regarding the usage of Personnel protective equipment’s before the clinical postings for all students should be mandatory.

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