Mental Stress among Medical and Non-Medical Students Engaging in Online Education in Light of COVID-19 | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Mental Stress among Medical and Non-Medical Students Engaging in Online Education in Light of COVID-19

Author(s): Spandandeep Sarma, Himabindu Reddy*, Swarupa Chakole


The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected nearly each and every country on this planet. The closure and lockdown of
educational institutions to decrease the danger of disease transmission has resulted in a shift in the medium of instruction,
with the majority of educational institutions moving to an online method of instruction. As the number of illnesses and
deaths linked to COVID-19 disease rises, stress levels are rising as well. COVID-19 has caused a mental disruption among
medical and non-medical students. Introduction of e-learning came as a new mode of learning among many students and it
has been difficult for them to cope and adjust to this form of education.
In reaction to the pandemic's disruptions, medical institutions all around the world switched to e-learning. While e-learning
can benefit students by allowing them to attend classes from anywhere at their leisure, the abrupt move to e-learning
during the pandemic presented medical students with several obstacles, many of which had the potential to cause mental
health concerns in the medical and non-medical students. Students with economically backward backgrounds are more
exposed to stress due to this new form of learning. Students unfamiliar to e-schooling are facing a lot of difficulties
regarding this form of learning and education system.
The main goal of this study is to evaluate stress levels within medical students and non-medical students who were
undertaking online/e learning as a result of COVID-19 illness and hence present in front of you the various aspects related to
stress due to online education.

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