Meta-analysis of Pain Control Tools in Children | 1837

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Meta-analysis of Pain Control Tools in Children

Author(s): Khalili Arash, Houshangiyan Marjan, Karami Sefat Maedeh, Shadi Danyal, Karami Fatemeh


There are several tools for pain controlling in children, but the priority of using tools in different conditions is still unknown to many researchers. Therefore, this study aimed to review the tools used to control pain in children. All of the studies done in the All of The world (from 2007-2017) using the words of pain control tools, pain control, pain instruments, pain in children and children's pain measuring instruments from the country's databases, including Magiran, MEDLIB, SID and Iranmedex as well as Latin databases such as Pubmed, scopus and scincedirect were reviewed and data were analyzed using meta-analysis. Out of 200 articles reviewed in the field of pain control tools in children, 125 original articles were reviewed who had Inclusion criteria entered the study. The most commonly used pain control tools were Distraction, EMLA Cream, Cooling spray, Skin massage, Local anesthetic, Buzzy, J-tip. The method of Distraction in many ways and the use of EMLA cream are most used in controlling children's pain, although the use of Cooling sprays, Skin massage and Local anesthetic are also acceptable methods for controlling child pain.


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