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Metformin Effects on Abnormal Semen Parameters in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

Author(s): Ferdous Mehrabian, Zeinab Sorayyanejad*, Peyman Salehi, Maryam Moinoddini, Pooya Karimzadeh


Background: Some of studies showed that metformin have positive effects on semen quality and quantity and have revealed different findings about influence of the metabolic syndrome upon syndrome parameters and effect of metformin on sexual hormones. The aim of this study was determining effect of Metformin on Abnormal Semen Parameters in Patients Suffering from Metabolic Syndrome.

Material and Methods: In this clinical trial study 70 consisted of male patients suffering from infertility and metabolic syndrome were selected and treated by 500 mg daily metformin for six months. Lipid and hormone profiles and semen indexes were evaluated in the before and after intervention.

Results: The mean of sperms before treatment was 8.08 ± 2.97 million and was significantly increased to 11.15 ± 2.83 million after the treatment (p-value<0.0001). The mean of morphologically abnormal sperms before treatment was 88.92 ± 8.53 million and sperms were significantly reduced after the treatment to 85.6 ± 8.66 million, (p-value<0.0001). The mean of sperms with directly forward motions before treatment was 40.57 ± 14.08 million and was significantly increased to 51.62 ± 13.48 million after the treatment (p-value<0.0001).

Conclusion: According to the results of this study, treatment of patients with Abnormal Semen Parameters and Suffering from Metabolic Syndrome led to improvement of semen characteristics and it may be help to treatment of infertility in men.

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