Mini Implants-A Quest for Absolute Anchorage | Abstract

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Mini Implants-A Quest for Absolute Anchorage

Author(s): Samiksha R Thawri*, Pratiksha Lakhe and Pallavi Daigavane


Anchorage has long been a source of concern in orthodontics. Although many techniques for preventing anchoring using extra oral and intraoral devices have been tested in the scientific literature, the specialty of orthodontics has not found any practical answers to solve this issue till the development of mini implants. Several types of skeletal anchorage systems, including as palatal implants and implants, mini plates, and screws, were introduced in the twentieth century. Temporary anchorage devices have grown in popularity, since they are compact and uncomplicated to place and withdraw, they can be loaded just after implantation, and they give complete anchoring for a range of orthodontic procedures with minimal patient compliance. This study will discuss in brief about the temporary anchorage system in terms of their indications, criteria for implant placement, safe zones for implant insertion, screw angulation and design, problems and maintenance.

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