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Mode of Adhesion between Soft Reline Material and Denture Base Material

Author(s): Rawaa Zaher Hassan Zwain*, Anwar Hussein Jawad, Rusul Subhi Hassan and Dunya Malhan Hanweet


The aim of study: Evaluate the effect of different surface treatments on Shear Bond Strength (SBS) of different reline materials to highly acrylic denture base resin. Relining the ill-fitting removable dentures improves their stability, support and retention. The search on the mode of adhesion between relines material and denture base material to reach the optimum result of the bond strength to optimize the benefit from the relining.

Conclusion: The use of monomer before the soft liners creates a chemical connection between the poly methyl methacrylate resilient liner and the poly methyl methacrylate denture base. Before applying robust liner to heat cured acrylic denture (acrylic or silicone).

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