Molecular Detection of Virulence Genes of Salmonella gallinarum from Iranian Poultry | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Molecular Detection of Virulence Genes of Salmonella gallinarum from Iranian Poultry

Author(s): Reza Khaltabadi Farahani, Pezhman Karami, Parastoo Ehsani, Azad Khaledi, Amir Hossien Khaltabadi Farahani


The plasmid spvABCD genes are arranged in an operon that involved in intracellular survival and replication of Salmonella. This study aimed to evaluate the molecular detection of virulence genes of S. gallinarum recovered from food substance and feces samples of Iranian poultry. Diagnosis of Salmonella from 51 food substance and feces samples of poultry was performed using culture. Virulence gene of Hq703462 was used for identification of S. gallinarum serovars using Real-Time PCR. For differentiation between two biovars, ratA, tepB and rhs genes were used by Multi-Plex PCR. In determining the presence and absence of two virulence genes (sdiA and spvC), PCR was used. The data analyzed by SPSS software version 22 using Chi-square test. PCR detected the virulence genes sdiA-274 bp and spvC-571 bp. The prevalence of sdiA and spvC genes were reported 100% and 61%, respectively. Prevalence of both spvC and sdiA genes contributed in antimicrobial resistance in S. gallinarum strains recovered from Iranian poultry was high.

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