Morphometric characteristic of thyroid cartilage in Gujarat region: A cadaveric study | Abstract

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Morphometric characteristic of thyroid cartilage in Gujarat region: A cadaveric study

Author(s): Shital Patel, Rashmi Bhardwaj, Priyanka Parmar, Vasant Vaniya


Background: The larynx is the organ for production of voice & a sphincteric device used in respiration. Larynx from inside outward has a framework of mucosa surrounded by fibroelastic membrane which inturn surrounded by cartilages & muscles. Thyroid cartilage is largest among all the laryngeal cartilage.
To find out dimension of various parameters of thyroid cartilage, variation, differences among all the data & to compare data between males & females.
Material & Methods: Fourty five samples of adult thyroid cartilage (24 males & 21 females) of known sex were taken from embalmed cadavers. Morphometric measurement was taken using a digital vernier caliper & goniometer to see normal variation, sex differences and bilateral asymmetry. Observation were analysed after calculating mean &SD.
Results: Parameters measured in thyroid cartilage were show significant difference in males & females. All the parameters of thyroid cartilage except thyroid angle were higher in males than females. Bilateral asymmetry in the size of thyroid lamina was seen in majority of specimens. However, in 3 cases (6.67 %) thyroid prominence was not in median plane, deviated towards left side. In one case asymmetry was also associated with asymmetry in direction of superior cornu.
Conclusion: The detailed study of thyroid cartilage in the form of morphometric parameters of thyroid cartilage is useful for Anatomist, Plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons and Radiologist to perform advanced surgical & endoscopic procedure & surgeries, planning of laryngeal framework & facial feminization surgery & to analysis of CT-MRI scans of larynx.

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