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Mortality and Morbidity after Colostomy Reversal Among Patients admitted in Surgical Department

Author(s): Rajesh Kumar Chhabrya, Muhmmad Bilal*, Muhammad Javaid Rashid, Sunil Dut Sachdev, Ishfaq Ahmad Khan and Rekha Khatri


Objective: To investigate the mortality and complications related with the temporary colostomy reversal. Study Design: Prospective trail. Place and duration: In the Surgical Unit-II of Jinnah Post graduate medical centre Karachi Pakistan. for one-year duration from May 2020 to May 2021. Methodology: All patients with temporary colostomy who underwent reversal colostomy 3 months and above after primary injury were included in the study, distal bowel examination was done with sigmoidoscopy and Barium study. Preparation of the bowel was carried out with a solution of ORS and one gram of sodium pico-sulfate liquified in one litter of water. The colostomy repair was done in double layers with Vicryl 3/0 suture. All postoperative mortality and complications are studied. Results: A total of 116 patients underwent colostomy reversal within 3 years out of which male were 92 (79.3%) and female were 24 (20.7%), majority were aged between 21–40 years were 74(63.8%) patients. Colostomy was performed in 102 (87.9%) patients with primary colonic Injury and in 14(12.1%) for non-trauma Colonic pathology. 12 patients who underwent reversal of colostomy has developed complication. As a result, the morbidity is 10.3%. One patient expired so the mortality in this study is 0.86%. Conclusion: Colostomy Reversal is safe Surgical Procedure with low mortality and morbidity.

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