Multidisciplinary Approach in Full Mouth Rehabilitation | Abstract

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Multidisciplinary Approach in Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Author(s): Tanaya*, Pankaj Dhawan, Piyush Tandan, Shivam Singh Tomar and Divyesh Mehta


Mutilated dentition due to caries, tilted, drifted, rotated or malpositioned tooth results in compromised esthetics, alteration in phonetics and difficulty in mastication and thus handicapping a person physically and esthetically leading to disruption of one’s everyday life.

To improve the patient’s condition complete dentistry concept is required. This is only possible when optimum health of stomatognathic system is maintained by restoring anatomic form, functional harmony and occlusal stability. For this purpose, it is the duty of a restorative dentist to rehabilitate patient’s full mouth. Full mouth rehabilitation (FMR) is correlation of all indicated and required dental treatment for a patient in order to restore the occlusion to normal function, improve esthetics and preserve tooth and its supporting structure.

Functional and esthetic rehabilitation starts with proper examination and evaluation of each and every component of masticatory system. Efficient diagnosis, conceptual analysis of need treatment and elaborate treatment planning requires thorough knowledge of FMR. There are various occlusion concepts in FMR. PMS philosophy is a preferred choice of for FMR. Prior to going for prosthesis rehabilitation, it is essential to prepare the mouth and get consultation from other dental disciplines as per the requirement of the case. Therefore, multidisciplinary approach helps in providing better understanding of patient’s condition.

This involves periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon and orthodontist. As per the requirement of condition of the patient, all the disciplines of dentistry should be consulted and involved in the treatment of the patient. The key to success is along with the multidisciplinary approach, constant communication with patients to make them understand the disorder and proactively participate in treating it.

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