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Nano Robotic Dentistry-Transforming Fiction into Reality

Author(s): Kajal Ahuja* and Arati Panchbai


Nanorobotics is anticipated to play an important role in future of healthcare. Using Nano robots in dentistry is expected to
enhance accuracy, reproducibility and reliability. Nanodentistry is the most recent application of nanotechnology that has
proven to be beneficial for diagnosing, treating, an d preventing oral and dental problems. In recent years, with the
emergence of new technologies in dentistry has enhanced t he potential to alter dental practise in a variety of ways.
Nanodentistry, with the use of nanorobotics, nanomaterials, and bi otechnology may soon be able to maintain near perfect
oral health. These machines usually show up in different sizes from 0.1 to 10 micrometre. Dental nano-robots might be
trained to crawl and swim within human tissue using a unique motility mechanism. Nano robots use is diversified; however,
in dentistry its role is very significant. Despite the fact that Nano robot research as well as clinical trials are still in their
premature phases, researchers are positive about their potential use in dentistry

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