Nanoparticles in Prosthodontics | 98371

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Nanoparticles in Prosthodontics

Author(s): Sharvari Rajaram Undirwade*, Tanvi Jaiswal, Shweta Kale Pisulkar and Seema Sathe Kamble


In an evolutionary era, technology is continuously undergoing a countless evolution. Emergence of nano science has led to the interest in the arena of molecular science, which has great medicinal as well as dental applications. Term nanotechnology is highly predicted by the researchers based on high technology and effective management at the microscopic level. In future it will gain its importance in dental and periodontal health. The definition of nano science has been extended to include features as large as 100 nm since its origin, but the nanotechnology mainly consists of processing, separating, consolidating, and deforming of materials by one atom or molecule. This review article mainly deals with the application of nanoparticles in prosthodontics.

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