Nattokinase For Bo?lm Disruption | 93435

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Nattokinase For Bo?lm Disruption

Author(s): Vijay Bhalla*, Gopal Arora, Divya Prakash, Angrej Singh


Bacterial bo?lm is a new ?eld in which researchers are very attracted as well as interested because of their ability to evade human host innate immune response and these bo?lms also possess strong resistance to antimicrobial agents. The enzyme Nattokinase is called as proteolytic enzyme because of its capability to cause breakdown of proteins to small peptides and even to amino acid residues. Nattokinase is a Serine protease i.e., it has serine residue at its catalytic site. Nattokinase possess strong ?brnoltc activity. It has been found that this enzyme is a potential antithrombotic agent and can prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases to a sn?cant extent. It is the most active ingredient of a Japanese food known as ‘Natto’. The current study is aimed to isolate the potential Nattokinase producer and perform various tests in order to ?nd whether Nattokinase is a potential enzyme that can be used for developing novel agents for bo?lm disruption. The current research was aimed to extract Nattokinase enzyme and test the extracted Nattokinase for protease and amylase activity in order to ensure for its bo?lm disruption capability

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