Need of Two Doses of COVID Vaccine | 93298

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Need of Two Doses of COVID Vaccine

Author(s): Guddi Laishram*, Jivan Dandade and Ashok Mehendale


The epidemic has had affect the lifestyle in one or other way, made the world economies to stop, forced to change our work style and connect with our close peoples, and forcing medical systems to their highest possible state. As a result, significant production efforts are needed to ensure that needs is full filled. While the vaccine is effective, its efficacy will be harmed if sufficient doses are not manufactured in time. When the vaccinations were originally tested, participants had a relatively mild immune reaction after receiving the first dose of COVID vaccine, followed by a robust reaction after receiving we learned a lot from the second wave of coronavirus. It not only highlighted the disease's unpredictability, but it also provided look into the various ways we can prevent a potential third wave of COVID. Despite of this, some people are still hesitant to get the vaccination or feel that missing their second dose of COVID is a viable choice. But you should be aware that vaccinations are our only means of protection against the virus, with the second COVID dose being the more crucial of the two dosages. You are not completely protected from the virus until and unless you receive the two doses. Getting both doses of these vaccines increases your chances of receiving full immunity. Only receiving one dose of the vaccine will not provide you with full protection or the vaccine's full efficacy. Receiving one dose of the two-dose vaccinations provides some protection, albeit we don't know the entire level of the protection or how long it will persist.

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