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Need V/S Utilization Patterns towards Preventive Dentistry Procedures among Young Adolescents

Author(s): D. Sri Sakthi, Inchara. R


Introduction: In comparison to general health, our culture places a lower priority on dental health. In the past, there was a lack of public recognition of oral health decline and widespread acceptance of diseased mouths, as well as broad occurrence of oral disorders and a lack of affordable oral health-care services.


Objective:  The aim of the study is to find the need and utilization of patterns towards preventive dentistry procedures - age wise comparison.


Materials and method: It is a single centered, retrospective study. The data was collected from the patient record management system used at Private dental college from April 2020 to February 2021. A total of 4610 patient details was obtained from the patient record management system used in private dental college out of which 1665 patients of age 18-25 who underwent preventive dentistry procedures such as topical fluoride gel application and preventive resin restoration were included in final analysis. The data analysis was performed using SPSS software and a chi square test was done.


Result: The study results showed that out of 4610 patients only 33.08% of patients utilized the preventive dentistry procedures and 66.92% patients were in need of preventive dentistry procedures. It was also observed that males were in more need of preventive dentistry procedures compared to females. P value was 0.01 which was statistically significant.


Conclusion: Within the study limits, it is concluded that there is no proper use of preventive dental procedures among young adolescents and there is increased risk of caries among all the age groups included in this study. Continued efforts are needed to improve oral health care utilization by young adolescents.

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