Non-Standard Sports Equipment as an Effective Means of Stimulating Motor Activity of Preschoolers | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Non-Standard Sports Equipment as an Effective Means of Stimulating Motor Activity of Preschoolers

Author(s): Olena Hnizdilova*, Oksana Vilkhova, Liliya Zimakova, Anzhela Pasichnichenko and Nataliya Kovalevska


The article raises the issue of finding ways to preserve and strengthen the physical health of preschool children, increasing the resistance of the protective forces of the child's body, improving the motor regime of preschool education and identifying conditions that ensure its activation. Theoretical and methodical bases of activation of motor activity of children of preschool age in the conditions of institution of preschool education by means of the non-standard physical training equipment are generalized; features and parameters of motor activity of children of senior preschool age are covered. The offered article contains the analysis of results of experimental research of stimulation of motor activity of preschool children by means of the non-standard sports equipment. It is established that to diversify work on physical education in preschool institutions it is possible at the expense of use by teachers of the non-standard physical culture equipment, which contributes to the development of physical and moral qualities, improving the functioning of organs and systems of the body, strengthening muscles, and most importantly contributes to maintaining and improving the health of preschool children. The effectiveness of the influence of such types of non-standard sports equipment on the increase of motor activity of older preschool children was proven. The examples of such equipment are: equipment for training children in crawling, climbing, stepping and jumping over barriers, to develop dexterity, accuracy, flexibility, balance, coordination of movements and spatial perception; arm muscle strengthening equipment; for the development of sensory, fine motor skills; equipment for prevention and correction of flat feet; simulators for respiratory gymnastics, etc.

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