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Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

Author(s): Ruchi Sunil Alizar (Jain)*, Khushboo Durge, Bhairavi Kale, Pavan Bajaj and Vertika Shrouty


Periodontal therapy entails both surgical and nonsurgical procedures aimed at restoring periodontal (gums and bones) health and preventing tooth loss. Periodontal treatment in early stages of gum disease includes extensive cleaning, scaling, root planning. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disorder caused by a complicated interaction between pathogenic microorganisms, the environment, acquired factors, and host related variables. The goal of a nonsurgical periodontal treatment is to get rid of both active bacteria solidified biofilm microorganism and microbial bacterial spores from the teeth surface and surrounding smooth tissues. Nonsurgical periodontal therapy contains scaling and root planning, localised implantation of drugs under the gum line to combat gum disease, systemic antimicrobial therapy, and laser therapy. Most inflammatory periodontal disease can be controlled with regular home care and expert clearance of subgingival plaque. Despite repeated recollection, illness can reoccur.

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