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Nonsyndromic Presentation of Bilateral Congenital Lower Lip Pits in a Saudi Child

Author(s): M Zakirulla*, Hanin Mathkar Ali Al-Qahtani, Faris Ali S Al-Qahtani, Yara M. Qassim, Mohammed Ibrahim, Imran Khalid, Abeer A. Alghothimy, Safar Mohammed Abdullah and Abdulhadi M. Alqahtani


Lip pits are on the list of rarest congenital anomalies documented. Lip pits may appear in the upper lip, lower lip or oral commissure. Although lip pits could be seen close to the oral commissure or midline of upper lip, most instances occur on the low lip. 70% of the lip pits relate to cleft lip or palate. Another 30% have minimal results, such as example hypodontia, or separated lower lip pits. The occurrence of lip pits can be an autosomal dominant trait connected with developmental defects relating to the paramedian parts of the vermilion of the lip. Lip pits are also associated with a selection of other congenital problems along with other malformations. Females tend to be more affected than men. The recognition of lip pits with additional related anomalies is vital for genetic counseling; we review a case of a 7-year-old female child with nonsyndromic congenital lower lip pits, where 2 of her other family members were also affected.

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