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Ongoing trends in Endodontic practice

Author(s): Sedani S*, Thakkar A and Nikhade P


Background: The idea behind using the treatment protocols for endodontic practice have been varying ever since past few years with various developments and revolutions in endodontic field. It has been observed that most dental clinicians do not act in accordance with the principles that are formulated for successful root canal treatment.

Objectives: Results of the past studies are indicative of higher failure rates for teeth treated by other than endodontists. Although, the data available regarding the general practitioner’s approach to endodontic therapy worldwide is scarce. Hence the purpose of this study was to uncover the current endodontic practice among the general practitioners of Vidarbh region.

Materials and Method: A written questionnaire survey consisting of personal details of respondent as well as the techniques and materials used by them for endodontic treatment was conducted among 150 General Dental Practitioners of Vidharbha region.

Result: The study report described that some dentists are still using outdated techniques and materials which are deviated from standard endodontic quality guidelines.

Conclusion: This study will help clinicians to improve the quality of the current practice.

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