Oral Hygiene Practices Among Jewellers in Srilanka | 59267

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Oral Hygiene Practices Among Jewellers in Srilanka

Author(s): Ashinie C, Dhanraj Ganapathy*,* and Keerthi Sasanka


Prevalence and severity of dental disease vary from individual to individual and is affected by age, gender, education, and socioeconomic status.Most oral diseases, like most chronic pathologies in general, are causally related to lifestyle.Oral hygiene maintenance is an important factor in a person’s life. It helps in maintaining durability and function of our teeth. Oral health knowledge is considered to be an essential prerequisite for health-related behavior. Sri Lanka, a country with a 22 million population, requires an awareness of oral hygiene practices to have a healthy population.The aim of the study is to know the oral hygiene practices among jewellers in Srilanka. A cross sectional survey was initiated from a randomly chosen population of 100 jewellers in Sri Lanka from different districts. Out of the 100 samples all were males. The survey was conducted online using survey planet online survey tool. The survey instrument used was a pretested questionnaire comprising 10 questions eliciting responses pertaining to the knowledge on oral hygiene practices. The data collected from these 100 jewellers then statistically analysed to generate appropriate results regarding the questionnaire study. The results show that 75% of the jewellers in Sri Lanka brush twice a day and 76% of them use floss or mouthwash other than brushing; this indicates that they follow a proper oral hygiene practice and are aware of the oral hygiene practices to be followed.The current study concludes that the jewellers in srilanka follow satisfactory oral hygiene practices.

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