Oral Manifestations of HIV-AIDS: A Diagnostic and Management | 1326

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Oral Manifestations of HIV-AIDS: A Diagnostic and Management Dilemma

Author(s): Rita Jha, Taranjit kaur, Abhimanyu Sharma


Oral disease is frequently associated with HIV. While nearly all oral disorders associated with HIV infection also occur in other conditions characterized by immune-suppression, no other condition is associated with as wide and significant a spectrum of oral disease as is HIV infection. Many HIV-associated oral disorders occur early in HIV infection, not infrequently as the presenting sign or symptom. Thus, early detection of associated oral disease should, in many cases, result in earlier diagnosis of HIV infection. Likewise, awareness of the variety of oral disorders which can develop throughout the course of HIV infection, and coordination of health care services between physician and dentist, should improve overall health and comfort of the patient. This paper reviews the clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of HIV-associated oral disorders.


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