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Oral Rehabilitation with Telescopic Overdenture-A Case Report

Author(s): Sanjana Devi*, Deepak Nallaswamy and Revathi Duraisamy


Any procedure that can delay or eliminate potential future problems come under preventive prosthodontics. In scenarios with few remaining natural teeth, prosthodontists are posed with a dilemma for the treatment options. In such cases, treatment with overdentures has been proven to be advantageous. This gives the patient a lot of advantages like better stability, proprioception, support among a few. A telescopic overdenture is a removable prosthesis that has a primary coping on the teeth and a secondary coping in the denture. The primary copings are full-coverage parallel-milled copings that are cemented to the prepared teeth. The secondary coping fits over the primary coping. It works by the application of interfacial surface tension and friction fit mechanism of retention using double copings. They are, however, indicated only for patients with multiple abutments distributed bilaterally along the dental arch. This clinical report describes the prosthetic rehabilitation of a patient with only a few remaining teeth in the mandible, and all the teeth were on one side of the arch.

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