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Palliative Care of Elderly in Covid 19 Outbreak

Author(s): Madiha Ali* and Abhishek Ingole


The spread of Covid 19 virus all over the globe in 2019 from Wuhan, China has posed possible threats to all the age groups of the human race. In the month of January dated 30 of the year 2020 the disease was declared as a public health emergency of International Concern and further them declared Corona virus illness as a pandemic on 11 March 2020. There had been numerous times when the virus has evolved into a new strain and many variants of the virus have emerged since the year 2021, and became dominant and spread too many countries, With the Delta, Alpha and Beta variants are the most virulent and Omicron being the latest strain of the virus. The virus posed threats in all possible forms from economic damages to the country to attacking the lives of people. The virus has all the potential of damaging organs severely. All the classes, strata’s and age groups were affected, out of which the maximum to bear the brunt of the virus were the elderly and frail patients. They contracted infections easily and could not overcome the damage virus caused to the various organs. In this review, we will be discussing then the palliative care for elderly when there are times patients cannot be admitted in the hospital or are terminally ill and the condition doesn't seem to improve in spite of all the measure taken, we resort to improve their life and decreasing their pain and discomfort. Through this article we would be discussing about all the measure that can be taken to do the same.

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