Pandemonium in the Pandemic: An Impetus for Change in Health | 93659

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Pandemonium in the Pandemic: An Impetus for Change in Healthcare Designs and Delivery Systems in the Post-COVID Era in the Indian Context

Author(s): Hussain Ali John* and Aarti Panchbhai


About 6.3 million people all over the world have lost their lives due to COVID. Out of 6.3 million, 530000 have been in India "6.3 million" is just a figure for us, because we can't possibly imagine the scale of despair and sadness the people who suffered and lost their lives have had to endure. Who can forget the hoarding of goods, shortage of essential medicines, oxygen, curfews, loss of livelihood and all the pandemonium this pandemic brought with it. This pandemic has made one thing completely clear-"Life is a luxury which must be cherished and taken care of".

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