Panel Perception of Profile Attractiveness after Prediction | 1744

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Panel Perception of Profile Attractiveness after Prediction of Orthodontic Treatment (EXT vs Non EXT)

Author(s): Majid Mahmoudzadeh, Mahdi Akbarzadeh, Somayeh Karami


This study aimed to compare the perceived facial profile attractiveness of borderline class I malocclusion patients after simulated first premolar extraction and non-extraction orthodontic treatment from the perspective of Iranian orthodontists, general dentists and laypersons. Seven borderline class I patients were chosen and the outcome of orthodontic treatment with and without extraction of the four premolars was simulated using lateral cephalograms. Images showing the outcomes of extraction and non-extraction treatments were placed next to each other pairwise and were shown to 12 Iranian orthodontists, 10 general dentists and 21 laypersons. The observers were asked to score the images as 0 (least attractive) and 10 (most attractive) the data were analyzed by ANOVA statistical analysis. The results demonstrated that the orthodontists did not observe any difference in the profile attractiveness between extraction and non-extraction treatments however, the general dentists and laypersons found the non-extraction profile more attractive. There was a significant difference between the three observer groups regarding the profile attractiveness. The present study may assist in understanding the demands of orthodontic patients to further meet their esthetic expectations.


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