Patients Expectation Matching the In-Office Bleaching Results | Abstract

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Patients Expectation Matching the In-Office Bleaching Results

Author(s): Ragad J Al Fard*, Ahad J Al Fard, Ghaida A Al Aql, Ghaidaa K Al Bakr, Sarah F Al Harbi and Waseem W Radwan


Introduction: Dental bleaching or whitening has now become the most common method of treating patients with discolored teeth and have different types available. Several studies have reported that majority of their patients usually visit dental clinics seeking to improve the color of their teeth. These patients opt for teeth whitening procedures as their teeth have been discolored due to various reasons Materials and methods: All Riyadh based general public (male and female) and more than 18 years of age willing to participate in this study were requested to fill up the survey. A total of 816 residents filled the survey using social media. An online questionnaire was designed using Google Forms with questions related to expectations and satisfactions of patients towards the result of In-office bleaching treatment. Results: Age of patients showed positive correlation when inquired about daily drinking habit, increased frequency of habitual drink, finding their end result of bleaching normal, using household products to whiten their teeth and other questions. As far as gender correlation with survey questions was concerned, positive correlations were found when inquired about finding their end result normal. Rest of the questions was negatively correlated with gender. Conclusion: Majority of the participants were satisfied from their teeth whitening experience and chose bleaching as their first choice of esthetic treatment. Age and gender were positively associated with teeth whitening attitude.

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