Perceptions of Dietary Supplements in Students: Do you Really Need Them? | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Perceptions of Dietary Supplements in Students: Do you Really Need Them?

Author(s): Lekshmi Harilal, Ammar Al Homsi, Raghd Adnan, Mohammed Faraz Khan and BK Manjunatha Goud*


Introduction: The dietary supplements (DSs) use has been on rise in the recent years and their use for various reasons with or without medical advice. It is very important to know that DS have not been regulated and many untested are sold in market. This study was conducted to know the DS use in university students and their knowledge about them. Materials and methods: The study was conducted in RAK Medical and Health Sciences University. After the ethical clearance and standardized questionnaire were applied on study subjects. Surveys were briefly assessed by the survey team for completeness on location and data entered into Excel sheet for analysis. Results: The study results showed that majority of students 85% medical and 67% of paramedical were consuming the dietary supplements (DSs). Only 65% of medical and 32% of paramedical students were using DSs under doctor supervision. The most common DS were multivitamins, antioxidants, Vitamin D, Calcium etc. Majority of students influenced by internet, magazine and newspaper advertisements. Discussion and conclusion: Many studies have shown the adverse effects of DS use without medical advice, but still younger population use them. This is a major concern for medical professionals. It has been shown by studies that excessive use of vitamin may have deleterious effects on body. The life style changes, excessive marketing has led to its use and must be stopped. A healthy balanced diet will provide all the essential nutrients required for body. Finally, the DSs use should be restricted under medical supervision.

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