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Periodontal Diseases Affecting Cardiovascular Health

Author(s): Shivani Singh Rawat*, Khushboo Durge, Pavan Bajaj, Bhairavi Kale and Anjali Borle


Oral health is the most underappreciated part of one's health, and it plays a role in bad health. Medical emergencies can happen to anyone, although they are more common in elderly and medically vulnerable patients. Physical or mental difficulties may be linked to dental pathology in a rapidly rising proportion of the population. In patients with Periodontitis, the microbiota supplies a reservoir of gram-negative bacteria. Bacteria are the increases the cause of periodontal inflammation. The penetration of these germs destroys the tooth-supporting system, ending into disease. Any infection triggers inflammation in inflammatory cells. Inflammatory variables that predispose to vascular damage include C reactive proteins, fibrinogen, interleukins, and tumour necrosis factor. As a result of such reactions, several cardiovascular illnesses such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and myocardial infarction might develop. As a result, to avoid such outcomes, interventional periodontal therapy is performed. Adequate brushing, mechanical therapies like as interdental assistance, host modulation therapies, and antibacterial therapy are examples of interventional therapies. It is always preferable to treat illness and cure it promptly.

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