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Physical Activity and Its Effects among Medical Students at Majmaah University-Saudi Arabia

Author(s): Hussam Zain, Yousef Mansour Y Alobaysi, Abdurahman Mubark H Alosaimi*, Khaled Othman M Almoharib, Abdulaziz Abdullah M Almutairi and Hazzaa Abdullah H Alharbi


Background/Introduction: Many studies that were published in other countries talked about physical activity in their nations, but there is a lack of research about physical activity in Saudi Arabia particularly among medical students. Thus, this study focuses on physical activity among medical students at Majmaah University. Objective: To study physical activity and its effects among medical students at Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional study done on medical students at Majmaah University in Saudi Arabia. A pre-tested, close-ended interview-based questionnaire was used to collect the data and analyse the information. Results: It was found that physical activity among the students was slightly prevalent compared to the duple number of inactive students. A positive statistical association was found between physical activity and students' ideas that it is possible during the study of medicine. Also, academic performance was found to be not affected by physical activity, and that was statistically proved from participants' GPA which appeared to be similar for both groups who physically active and not. the most common barrier preventing them was lacking time. Furthermore, it was found that most of all participants whether they were physically active or not, agreed that there are effects of physical activity on psychological condition in which it promote happiness, relieves stress. Conclusion: We recommend the medical students to be physically active according to WHO recommendation, not just for its healthy effects, but also for its positive effect on mood, that helps the student's ability to study.

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