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Postoperative sensitivity after placement of bulk-fill posterior restoration

Author(s): Muhammet Kerim AYAR


The purpose of this observational retrospective clinical study was to assess the post-operative sensitivity reported by patients following the placement of bulk-fill composite restorations. Patient records of the seventytwo subjects with previously untreated teeth requiring restorations due to caries lesions were used. Seventytwo restorations that were radiographically judged to be located in neither middle nor inner one-third of dentin were included in the study. Two resin composites had been used: Group 1- bulk-fill posterior resin composite (Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative); Group 2- conventional resin composite (Filtek Z250). The same resin adhesive system (Single Bond Universal Adhesive) had been used with both composites. Patients had been contacted on days 2, 7, 14 and 30 postoperatively and asked about any presence sensitivity, the stimuli that created the sensitivity, if any, the duration of any sensitivity, and the intensity of any sensitivity using a rating from none too severe. The chi-square test showed cavity deepness (p=0.003) significantly affected post-operative sensitivity, while no significances between the different resin composites (p=0.465), cavity sizes (p=0.702) were revealed at day 2, respectively. By day 2, 8.3% of restorations placed in the middle one-third, and 37.5% of restorations placed in the inner one-third of dentin were slightly sensitive. By day 14, there had been no sensitive tooth. Both composite types have potential post-operative sensitivity with limited duration following their placements. The use of bulk-fill posterior restorative for restoration of the deep carious lesion does not seem to affect postoperative sensitivity of composite restorations.


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