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Posttraumatic Stress Disorders in Adult Victims of 2006 Flood in Surat, Gujarat

Author(s): Falguni M Patel, Rajat M Oswal, Ritambhara Y Mehta


Introduction: Disasters are traumatic events in terms of emotion of psychology that may result in wide range of mental and physical health consequences. Post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the common psychiatric disorders following the disaster.

Aims and Objectives: Aim of the study was to find out the association between the flood and PTSD among victims of Surat flood 2006.

Material and Methods: 40 families from two separate flood affected area of Surat city were interviewed; Area A (first time affected by the flood) and Area B (Had faced the flood previously also). Participants above the age of 16 years or more were interviewed to fill up the Impact of Event Scale – Revised. Scores were calculated for subscales avoidance, intrusion and arousal.

Results: 32 (23.2%) subjects at standard cut off IOES-R score >24, were identified in distress within 1st month of exposure to the flood. Out of 32 affected subjects 28 (47.45%) were from area B in comparison to 4 (5.06%) from the area B. This difference between the two areas was found to be highly significant statistically. Female had higher score of intrusion than males. In follow up visit after 6-month significant decrease in PTSD disorder was observed.

Conclusion: PTSD is prevalent in the community exposed to the flood like natural disaster and is more common in females and mid age victims. PTSD symptoms resolves in most of the victims but previous experiences of the disaster may result in longer duration of the symptoms.


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