Post-Vaccination COVID-19 among Healthcare Workers | Abstract

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Post-Vaccination COVID-19 among Healthcare Workers

Author(s): Akshat Jain* and Swarupa Chakole


COVID-19 was acknowledged as a pandemic on 11th March 2020, which was just an initial stimulus for the cascade of events which were about to occur around the globe because of challenges faced due to COVID-19. During these challenging times billions of people were home due to COVID lockdown and there were a few amongst these who were made to work during these times as well. Health care workers were one of the most exploited groups of people during this pandemic, as they were to work while putting their own health as well as the health of their loved ones at risk. After everything the health care workers had to face as a part of their profession, even the behaviour of some patients as well as the government/ management of hospitals were so inhumane that it created an even more unhelpful environment for them. The news of the vaccine against COVID gave hope to many, while there were some concerns related to it for a part of society, most people accepted vaccination without much resistance. Post vaccination infections with COVID were found to be mild in nature and vaccination even succeeded in reducing the ICU admission as well as the chances of death after infection drastically. Much research was conducted around the globe to understand the effects of vaccination on COVID infection and the results in all were almost similar when it came to reducing death rate and severity of infections. Even today there is on-going research to assess the long term effects of vaccines on the health of individuals. The aim of this review is to provide an overview of COVID-19 pandemic, vaccination drive in India as well as post vaccination infection of COVID among health care workers.

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