PRANAYAMA Breathing To Medical Students as a Modern Medical Education Technology | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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PRANAYAMA Breathing To Medical Students as a Modern Medical Education Technology

Author(s): T. Ganesan


With modern technologies we think and integrate, making the students not to use the unconscious brain to acquire the inherent knowledge of intuition, the basic quality of highly qualified professionals. The objective of this review is to introduce an intervention method at the time of early education itself to increase the empathy. First year education at medical college is a transit period from school to college. Some medical students find it very difficult to cope up with the increased workload. We should consider this and make them to lead a yoga way of life to live successfully and happily. Problems, solutions, tutorials, small group discussion, protocol, methodology, mentoring and student seminars developed by arts and management colleges should be modified to Medical College in such a way each medical student should become a potential Doctor. Modern Medical Education technologies which are useful to the city-based Medical Colleges may become a hazard or hindrance for the development of intuitive knowledge. Each one of us will be having different mode of learning and teaching. In order to reduce the burnout and stress-related mental disorders in medical students and physicians, one of the intervention methods is Yoga Breathing.

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