Presentation of Cardioembolic Stroke in Covid-19 | 89045

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Presentation of Cardioembolic Stroke in Covid-19

Author(s): Pon Divya Bharathi*, R Vedamanickam and Saranya Devi K


Corona virus of 2019 was first reported on December 2019, since then so many different manifestations, complications and prognosis have been reported and being studied. Spectrum of Cardiovascular complications is seen in a case of COVID-19, from a mild myocardial injury to a full-blown myocarditis. Severe disease is usually associated with a rise in cardiac biomarkers like B-type natriuretic peptides and cardiac troponin. Most common cardiac cause of mortality in COVID-19 patients is myocarditis resulting in circulatory collapse and death. This article presents a case of COVID-19 complicated with Cardioembolic stroke related myocarditis in a 60 years old male.

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