Prevalence of 2/4 Appliances Therapy in 6 to 12 Year Old Chi | 91078

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Prevalence of 2/4 Appliances Therapy in 6 to 12 Year Old Children Visiting a University Dental Hospital

Author(s): Umayal S, Geo Mani and Lavanya Govindaraju*


Introduction: One of the appliances which can intercept the prevalence of more serious malocclusions in the future is the 2 x 4 appliances. This appliance offers many advantages over alternative techniques as it provides complete control of anterior tooth position, is extremely well tolerated, requires no adjustment by the patient and allows accurate and rapid positioning of the teeth. Materials and methods: A sample of 4,812 of age 6 - 12 years visiting the hospital were taken. We reviewed patient records, analysed data of 4,812 patients between June 2019 to March 2021 and clinical ?ndings are recorded. The data is then tabulated in Microsoft excel. Chi square test is used for comparison of groups. The data is analysed with the help of SPSS software. Results and discussion: In this study we observed that 14% of the total patients showed usage of 2/4 appliances. Conclusion: Thus, Prevalence of 2/4 appliances observed to be 1% low in age groups between 6-12 years children.

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