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Prevalence of Periodontal Diseases among Pregnant Women in Al-Najaf Center, Al-Najaf Governorate, Iraq

Author(s): Zahraa Nasser Ahmed* and Maha Abdul-Aziz Ahmed


For planning of public dental services the need for treatment as an aid and an epidemiological information which are very essential for the assessment of nature of periodontal disease. To measure the prevalence of periodontal diseases among pregnant women from the medical health centres in Al-Najaf governorate, Iraq by using community periodontal index for treatment need. A cross sectional study involving 405 pregnant women aged 18-40 years of all trimesters was carried out. A multi-stage systematic random sampling was used, in which stratified random sampling for dividing the total sample on the nine health centre and simple random sampling for the selection of pregnant women from each health centre. Data included demographic characteristic, dental health related practices, patterns of visits to dental clinic and results of clinical periodontal examination through using community periodontal index for treatment needs. The results of the present study show the prevalence of periodontal disease collectively (Bleeding, Calculus, and pockets) was 91.6%. Variation in prevalence did exist with relatively higher rates and significant association for older age, teeth cleaning, method and frequency of teeth cleaning, type of toothbrush, use and type of interdental aids, use of mouthwash, frequency of visits to dentist, reasons for dental visits. It can be concluded that periodontal diseases were very prevalent among pregnant women in Al-Najaf governorate regardless of various characteristics of pregnant women. A comprehensive approach to periodontal care of pregnant women is highly recommended.

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