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Profile of medico-legal cases in tertiary care hospital in Jamnagar, Gujarat: Retrospective study of one year

Author(s): Mahesh M. Trangadia, Rahul A. Mehta, Nita H. Rada, B. D. Gupta


Background: As we know that human being is different from the other animal. Human being is a social animal and lives in a society. One of the things which govern the society is laws. So this study was undertaken to study the profile of medico-legal cases (MLCs).

Aims: Aim of present study was to evaluate complete profile of medico-legal cases at tertiary care hospital.

Material and Method: This study was conducted retrospectively by analyzing the medico-legal cases at Guru Gobindsinh Govt. (GGG) hospital, M. P. Shah Govt. Medical College, Jamnagar during the period of 01/01/07 to 31/12/07 retrospectively.

Result: In year 2007, 8199 cases were registered as “medico-legal”. Male cases were predominated over female cases which were 5967 (72.77%). The maximum numbers of cases were in the age group 21-30 years, 2632 (32.10%). Out of 8199 cases, maximum numbers of MLCs were reported in October, 832 cases (10.15%). Maximum numbers of cases were of road traffic accidents (RTA), 1984 cases (31.97%), it was followed by assault, 1984 cases (24.20%). Maximum numbers of MLCs were treated on the OPD basis, 4297 cases (52.41%). Maximum numbers of cases were discharge after completion of treatment, 6615 cases (80.69%).

Conclusion: This study shows the load of medico-legal cases at the tertiary care hospital and hospital not only caters to the needs of patients who reports for their illness but also carry out legal responsibilities to examine, document and certify medico-legal cases.


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