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Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Prospective Doctors Professional Preparation Model

Author(s): Nadiya Fedchyshyn*, Lesia Bilovus, Oksana Mysyk, Nataliya Yablonska and Olha Permiakova


There has been concrete evidence that a vital part of a doctor's professional future education to work in a specialty is their knowledge, capabilities, expertise, as well as experience in handling medical terminology. Being prepared for prospective doctors' professional exercises indicates medical terminology knowledge, the capacity and feasibility to utilize it, and student's personal qualities, which prove the efficiency of vocational training in medical terminology. It is wholly verified that cognitive orientation is a substantial element of the formation of future medical doctors' vocabulary readiness for applying medical terminology, In other words, the development of a sufficient knowledge level of Latin medical terminology among medical students. It is confirmed that symbols of cognitive-orientation component formation are the understanding of the nature and structure of medical terminology, principles of patterns and types of medical terms, perception of the nature of professional speech activity of future doctors using medical terminology. The experimental study results determined the necessity to advance future doctors' vocational training to practice medical terminology through performing specific pedagogical requirements and utilizing the advanced structural and functional model. It is discovered that the outputs acquired over the course of the experimental confirmation of our recommended methodology of prospective doctors’ professional training to manage medical terminology prove its efficiency and practicality of introduction into the educational process of higher medical school.

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