Psychological Impact of COVID-19 among the Survivors | 89072

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Psychological Impact of COVID-19 among the Survivors

Author(s): Nandini MS*, Naveen Kumar C, T Puhazhendhi and Mymoonah Risha S


Corona virus disease 19 (COVID 19) pandemic has had a negative impact on mental health of the survivors. It is important to identify factors that modulate stress response to this pandemic. Patients recovering from COVID-19 may face a second challenge – coping up with disease’s psychological health ramifications. This is true particularly for patients who required ICU and intubation. These people may experience ‘post-intensive care syndrome” which can manifest as a combination of cognitive, physical, and psychological impairments following stay in intensive care unit for critical illness. PICS (post-intensive care syndrome) impacts even the caregivers and family. Objective: This prospective cross-sectional study aimed to assess the impact of the COVID-19 on mental health of the survivors. Results: It was found that moderate and severe anxiety was present in 7(5.9%) and 2(1.7%) participants respectively and clinically significant anxiety was present in 6(5%) and 9(7.6%) had mild anxiety. PTSD was present in 9(7.6%) of the patients and 5(4.2%) had clinically significant depression. Conclusion: There is a high prevalence of depression, clinically significant anxiety, and posttraumatic stress among the survivors of COVID-19.

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