Psychometric Assessment of the Yale???Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale???Second Edition | Abstract

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Psychometric Assessment of the Yale???Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale???Second Edition

Author(s): Samira Masumian, Abouzar Nouri Talemi, Hooman Yaghmaeezadeh, Mahbobeh Keshtkar, Zeinab Bahram Beigi, Ali Asghar Asgharnejadfarid* and Sahel Simiyari


Objectives: The aim was to evaluate the validity and reliability of the Persian version of the Yale–Brown Obsessive- Compulsive Scale—Second Edition.

Method: The sum of 150 patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) was selected via convenient sampling. Data gathering was done using Yale–Brown Obsessive-Compulsive Scale—Second Edition (Y-BOCS-II), Symptom Checklist-90- Revised (SCL-90-R) and Vancouver Obsessional Compulsive Inventory (VOCI). Reliability coefficients were calculated by Cronbach's alpha and test-retest reliability. For validity assessment, concurrent criterion-related validity in correlation with VOCI and SCL-90-R, and construct validity (Confirmatory factor analysis) were executed.

Results: The results showed that the severity factors and the previous symptoms of the second edition have a satisfactory reliability. In general, in examining the previous symptoms, the Yale-Brown checklist was significantly more reliable than the present symptoms, and all factors had acceptable reliability. Also, the results indicate a high correlation between the present and the old scale. The study of past symptoms and the intensity scale without fit was necessary, but the examination of the present symptoms after the removal of the two items of counting and hoarding with factor load was acceptable and the fittings confirmed the 3-factor model.

Conclusion: The results supported satisfactory validity and reliability of translated of using Yale–Brown Obsessive- Compulsive Scale—Second Edition for research and clinical diagnostic applications.

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