Quorum sensing ??? Meetings in the Microbial World | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Quorum sensing ??? Meetings in the Microbial World

Author(s): Suchetha A, Chitra Jayachandran, Darshan BM, Sapna N, Apoorva SM, Nanditha Chandran


The oral microbiota consists of many varied and distinct micro-organisms that effectively strive together through continuous adaptation and interaction with other organisms in their local environment for nutrition and their survival. The biological phenomenon by which they establish this inter-species communication is called as quorum sensing. It controls many traits of the micro-organisms like the mating, their virulence factors and action against antibiotics also. Numerous human, plant and animal diseases are mediated by quorum sensing. This review thus deals with the cell-to-cell communication mechanisms among the different gram positive, gram negative bacteria and the fungi. Additionally, various means of inhibiting quorum sensing among these pathogens have also been described but new approaches to treat periodontal disease using quorum sensing inhibition needs to be explored.

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