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Radiofrequency assisted adenoidectomy with turbinoplasty for OSA-simplicity redefined

Author(s): Shanmugapriya M*


Adenoid hypertrophy is a prevalent disorder in both children and adults presenting with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Adults with obstructive sleep apnea are most likely to have adenoids. Chronic adenoidal inflammation or growth results in nasopharyngeal airway obstruction, leading to recurrent sinus infections, otitis media, or facial mal development. Adenoids typically disappear at the age of 14. However, in some people, they may still exist and cause issues. Aden tonsillectomy is the standard of care for OSA, but recent research has shown that non-obese people with moderate OSA and small tonsils can achieve comparable results with adenoidectomy alone. Direct trans-nasal endoscope-assisted removal of the adenoids is a safe procedure. For patients who present with OSA in this instance, we are using radiofrequency assisted adenoidectomy with turbinoplasty. Here, we evaluate the outcome of adenoidectomy and inferior turbinoplasty surgery using radiofrequency for patients with OSA.

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