Radiological Role in the Detection, Diagnosis and Monitoring for the Coronavirus Disease 2019 | Abstract

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Radiological Role in the Detection, Diagnosis and Monitoring for the Coronavirus Disease 2019

Author(s): Utkarsh Saxena and Mehaksha Batra*


Background: COVID-19 is the continuously evolving disease which is here to stay for considerable amount of time. Hence the testing methodologies must be varied in order to detect the virus at any cost. Radiological examination of the COVID-19 patients offers some solution in such case. Various methods can be employed at one single time as no single methods can prove effective especially in new disease like COVID-19. Radiological examinations have lot to offer when it comes to screening for novel Coronavirus and its hazardous impact on the body.

Summary: Chest CT along with x-rays is some of the common methods of examination of lung injuries which can be easily employed in the fight against COVID-19. Various studies have proven the efficacy of the radiological intervention over the RT-PCR test which has given the boost for the usage of the former. Although the concerns attached to it are genuine in nature and are existing prior to the initiation of the pandemic. It must be addressed to ensure the long term wellbeing of the patient.

Conclusion: Coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 is still evolving and is presenting new challenges by each passing days. Now the terminology is changed to COVID-19 era indicating its long and painful stay which will affect and change the future course of the life of the humans. More study needs to be done in order to prove efficacy of the radiological interventions like chest CT ad x-rays among COVID-19 patients. The patterns must be studied thoroughly to have deep understanding of the subjects. Artificial intelligence can aid and fast track the process and must be considered while strategizing the action plan.

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