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Reciprocating Files In Enddontics

Author(s): Prashanth Kumar Katta*


The success of endodontics treatment depends on how well the canal is prepared and disinfected. Ideally the canal should be circumferentially prepared and infected dentin should be removed without weakening the root. Reciprocating files are designed to minimally remove the dentin and reduce the incidence of fracture of the files. This article discusses about the advantages of reciprocating files over conventional files and its uses. Many reciprocating files have been introduced. They reduce the fracture rate compare to continuous rotation files. These files are based on balanced force technique. They may have different or same degree of clockwise and counterclockwise degree of rotation. The degree of rotation is governed by the properties of material used for the manufacturing of the file. This article discusses about the reciprocating files and their effectiveness in preparing the canal.

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