Rehabilitation of Partially edentulous patients with Cast Pa | 97006

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Rehabilitation of Partially edentulous patients with Cast Partial Denture ? A Case Report

Author(s): Neha Alone*, Ulhas Dudhekar, Karan Jaiswal, Pratik Pal, Ravina Khairkar, Praktan Gire


Tooth loss is a physiological and pathophysiological process which may lead to edentulism in patients. Rehabilitation in partially edentulous patient can be challenging in Kennedys Class I and Class II situations1. In a survey in South India, Kennedys Class III situation is more prevalent in middle age group. In such situation, fixed partial denture is not advised because of absence of distal abutment. Also fixed prosthesis has some limitations like good abutment tooth, short span bridges. Hence, implant and removable partial denture can be planned. But in some situation, because of more bone loss and uncontrolled systemic diseases, implant is contraindicated. Acrylic partial denture or Cast partial denture is the treatment of choice for such patients.

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