Relationship between Asthma and COVID-19 | Abstract

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Relationship between Asthma and COVID-19

Author(s): Pawan Wasu, Shiv Joshi*


The COVID-19 disease caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2) is only responsible for rampant loss of lives all over world. It’s created health crises all over world. COVID-19 infection causes wide range of symptoms (breathing related problems) from moderate to severe that can also lead to respiratory failure and death. Elderly people and those who are having cardiovascular conditions, metabolic conditions and other chronic respiratory problems are at a higher risk for development of complications. Here we will try to explain the relationship between asthma and COVID-19 disease, whether it really makes person susceptible to the COVID-19 infections? Is it related with the worsening of the disease? Do asthma and COVID-19 infections share same pathways of entering into the host? What is the treatment for asthma and COVID-19 infections? On one side we have seen people spreading awareness regarding asthma and COVID-19 and thus advising people to remain at home in COVID-19 times, so that they might not catch the COVID-19 infection. Thus has created awareness amongst people to keep safe themselves from allergens and environmental pollution thus limiting asthma attacks. The changes in the body that takes place during asthma attack can help in decreasing the severity of the COVID-19 infection, so we cannot say that asthma can lead to worsening of symptoms of COVID-19, it depends on other comorbidities that the person have and depending upon that outcome will come.

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