Relationship between Occupational Stress and Cardiovascular Risk Factors Determination: A Case- control Study | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Relationship between Occupational Stress and Cardiovascular Risk Factors Determination: A Case- control Study

Author(s): Zohreh Gheisari, Reza Beiranvand, Asrin Karimi, Shahnaz Ghalavandi, Ali Soleymani, Mostafa Madmoli, Amir Hooshang Bavarsad


High stress occupational condition is known as psychosocial factor affecting incidence of cardiovascular diseases. Physicians and experts in profession pay less attention to occupational stress effect as a background cause of cardiovascular heart diseases. The aim of this study was to evaluation of profession stress effect on cardiovascular diseases incidence. Totally 300 people were recruited, 150 in control group and 150 in case group. The samples were matched based on gender and age. Cases were selected among incidence new cases of cardiovascular diseases by cardiologist diagnosis. ERI 17 questionnaire was used to measure job stress by interview and questionnaire. Demographic and clinical information was gathered through interview and the last tests of each person. The data were analyzed in independent T test, ANOVA, Linear regression. High triglyceride was found in clerks. There was a significant relationship of fasting blood glucose mean in both groups with high job stress compare to those without job stress (P=0.0001). Those with high job stress smoke more than those without gob stress this result was statistically significant (P= 0.004). HDL mean of participants with high level of job stress was less than whom with low job stress and this difference was statistically significant (P= 0.007). High levels of triglycerides, blood sugar, low HDL levels and the number of cigarettes consumed in those with job stress make them beat risk for cardiovascular disease. Thus making best decision by employers to reduce stress of occupation is recommended.

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