Relationship between the Maxillary Molars Roots and Sinus in a Selected Iranian Population: A CBCT Study | Abstract

Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science
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Relationship between the Maxillary Molars Roots and Sinus in a Selected Iranian Population: A CBCT Study

Author(s): Sina Haghanifar, Ehsan Moudi, Ali Bijani, Nazanin Arbabzadegan, Farideh Nozari


In regarding to the proximity of the maxillary molars roots to maxillary sinus and their susceptibility to the odontogenic and non-odontogenic lesions, the aim of this study is demonstrated the relationship between the maxillary molars roots and maxillary sinus floor and measuring the divergence angle of the roots by CBCT. This cross-sectional study was examined on 160 patients and on 419 teeth via Cone - Beam Computed Tomography images. The vertical relationship between each root and maxillary sinus was categorized into four classes in cross-sectional images. Class 0 (the root is located far away from the border of the maxillary sinus), Class 1 (the root is in contact with the maxillary sinus floor) the Class 2 (the root is projecting laterally on the maxillary sinus) and Class 3 (the root is projecting into the maxillary sinus) and divergence angle of roots was measured based on panorama and cross-sectional images. In this research data were analyzed in SPSS. The class 2 (39.1%) accounted the most common class in the maxillary molar teeth. The Class 0 has showed significantly more in men (31.7%) than women (18.7%). The most angular divergence among three roots of molars has been found in the first molar and the divergence angle between the buccal and palatal roots was greater than that between the buccal roots. The maxillary first molar has the highest divergence and its relation with the maxillary sinus floor is class 2; therefore, there is more accuracy during treatment to prevent errors.

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